Egg and baby potatoes pesto or mayonaise


Salade au chèvre chaud (Goat cheese salad)


Taboulé (Tabbouleh)


Tomato mozzarella


Tomates farcies au thon mayonaise (Stuffed tuna tomatoes)


Salmon salad


Homemade smoke salmon & toasts


Carottes rapées (Grated carrot)


Salade de foie de volaille au balsamic (Balsamic liver salad)

Beef bacon cheeseburger with French fries and Salad


Caesar salade au poulet (Chicken Caesar salad)


Beef steak of the day with garniture


Oeuf cocotte epinard et saumon

(Egg casserole with Spinach & Salmon)


2 Merguez with fries, mashed potatoes or tabbouleh & salad


Filet de bar sauce vin blanc citronnée

(Sea bass lemon sauce & Rice)


Beef or vegetable lasagna with salad


Filet de poulet a la crème

(Chicken with mushroom creamy sauce & Garniture)


Spaghettis or penne choice of sauce

Lemon-grass or passion fruit sorbet, Brownie, Salade de fruits, Orange givrée, Chocolate mousse, Crème brulée


Water La Vie, Soda Water, Coke, Tonic, Syrup, 7Up


Tomate, oeuf, thon à la vinaigrette (Tomato, egg, tuna in vinegar sauce)


Salade mixte


Pâté de campagne or Rillettes (Country Pâté or Rillettes)


Moules farcies (Stuffed mussels)


Oeuf dur au thon mayonaise (Mimosa egg)


Salade au jambon cru, bleu et pomme (Blue cheese, raw ham & apple salad)


Roulé de jambon macédoine (Diced mixed vegetables with ham)


Salade nicoise (Tuna salad)


Tartare de thon (Tuna tartar)



Petit pan bagnat

(Tuna sandwich)


Filet de poulet basquaise

(Chicken breast basquaise & Garniture)


Saucisses de Toulouse

(Pork sausage with mashed potatoes)


Galette jambon fromage

(Pancake ham and cheese/salad)


Tartare de boeuf

(Beef tartar with French fries & salad)


Cassolette de la mer with Rice

(Seafood Cassolette with Rice)


Plat du jour - Special of the day


Plat / Main course


Soft drink

Set Lunch Menu 180K

Garniture: Mash potatoes, french fries, gratin dauphinois, haricots verts, fried potatoes, ratatouille, spaghettis, rice, spinach or salad

(No mixed Garniture on set lunch)

Extra Garniture 20K

(uniquement le plat/main course only 120K)

(uniquement l’entrée / starter only 80K)

(Other discounts do not apply - red invoice + 10%)

1 entree + 1 plat + 1 soft drink or  1 plat +1 dessert + 1 soft drink

Contact Info

Phone: 028 3519 4058


Working Hours

Restaurant opens Everyday

Kitchen: 11:30 - 22:00

Bar: 11:30 - 24:00

Designed by: Vy Le


Phone: 0987 010 202


13 Tong Huu Dinh

Thao Dien Ward

District 2

Ho Chi Minh City


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